"Conférence Joe Saddi
"Building Tomorrows Capabilities""

Date : 21/04/2017

Heure : 18:00

Lieu : Hostler Auditorium, AUB

On Friday, April 21st 2017, the College Notre-Dame de Jamhour's Alumni Society had the privilege of welcoming one of our school's most distinguished and accomplished alums, Mr. Joe Saddi, the Chairman of Strategy& (Middle East), at the American University of Beirut. Mr. Saddi last came to AUB in 2013 for a talk regarding the company, his work experience and the world of business. Four years later, with an invitation from the Society's cabinet, he came back to give a new talk entitled “Building Tomorrow's Capabilities”. In a time where the majority of graduating students are applying to consulting firms, Mr. Saddi gave us an insight on how the world of consulting actually works and showed a presentation about life at Strategy& and the different benefits they offer. Our esteemed guest then took some time to answer the audience's questions, which ranged from the state of the current economy in the Middle East to the working conditions of young women in a field that is somewhat dominated by men in the region.

Guests, cabinet members and Mr. Saddi then proceeded to the reception area of the Charles Hostler Auditorium for a small cocktail reception.


Joey Ferzli

President of the Society

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